We are World Class Cybersecurity Consultants

What keeps you up?

For many companies, Cybersecurity seems to be complex and time-consuming. But it does not have to be: We provide the knowledge and tools for rapid Cybersecurity deployment.

Cybersecurity Strategy & Execution

Based on proved best practices, lessons learned and quick ramp-up templates, we support you to make your business safe from current and future cyber threats. We help you to define state-of-the-art targets and execute your Cybersecurity strategy. You do not have to reinvent the wheel – we bring you the wheels.

Secure & Modern

Any modern workplace needs to be secure, too. Whether employees work remotely, hybrid or in company facilities, they deserve the highest security and the best workplace experience available today, while workplace management needs to be efficient and cost effective. We help you to get there as quickly as possible

Cybersecurity Detection & Response

Being able to detect possible threats to your business is key. We provide bleeding edge Cybersecurity detection & response cababilities, working with the leading partners providing around-the-clock coverage of your IT assets. We also help you to build your own state-of-the art Security Operations Center (SOC).

How we work with you

We listen to you and your needs. We provide best practices solutions which fit you and your business.

We are technology-independent consultants, ensuring our solutions are not biased, but they serve you the best. We are your trusted advisor.

You are most important

Wherever you come frome, whatever your business and company size are, you will always be our most important customer.

Vendor independent

We are not selling products but solutions which fit you best. We are an independent technology services and solution provider.

On-premises and Cloud

Reality is, most IT environments are hybrid - and so are we. Our view of the world looks at both on-premises and Cloud assets.

We lead and advise

Whether you need us to lead a complex project, or upskill your teams, or implement great solutions -we are here for you.

Why you want to work with us

We have a lot of valuable experience. And we like to share it with you.

Our team provides experienced consultants who are serving top companies, some of them belonging to the largest enterprises in the world.  Each of our consultants is highly skilled and familiar with the needs of global players. But we also take care of you if your business is focused more on regional markets, as we welcome small and medium sized companies which want to be leaders when it comes to modern IT operations and cybersecurity. We provide rapid deployment templates which help organizations of all sizes to grow their IT maturity quickly. 



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